The following services are available both in person and/or online. The prices are approximate and flexible, as they can vary due to different arrangements such as location, frequency, duration of the practice and so on. We can always find a suitable compromise, so please do not hesitate to contact for details. Please note that due to COVID-19 all classes and services are available online only.

~ Private Zentle Yoga Session. The advantages are: the practice is going to be structured according to your personal preferences, physical features and requirements. Duration: 60-90 minutes. Starting price: 40$

~ Mini-group Zentle Yoga Session. You can create a small group of up to 5 people you’d like to practice with at your convenient location and I would gladly work out a schedule for you. Advantages: practice is going to correspond to group requirements and physical features of all members of the group; for some people it is important to have a supportive company to make the practice deeper and stable. So, if you are one of those people — definitely go for it. Duration: 60-90-115 minutes. Starting price: 20-25$ per member.

~ General Group Drop-in. The schedule for the possible drop-in classes is going to be published on this site, so you can basically drop-in if you feel like it. If there is no schedule published, then the drop-in is not available at the moment. Advantages: you can have a free schedule and join the group at any time. Disadvantages: less attachment to the group, more independence which sometimes can lead lo less organized training schedule, and less personalized approach. One-time drop-in price: 15$ or monthly pass (if available).

~ Meditation Session. Meditation sessions are also available in private one-on-one form, in a small group of people you feel comfortable with or in a drop-in general group session. Private meditations can be selected according to the features of the group and guided with the most actual energies or problems that need to be processed on a subconscious level. Duration: 45-60 minutes. Starting price: 40$/25$/15$ accordingly.

~ Zenltle Yoga + Meditation session. This type of a session includes the usual Zentle Yoga routine with a meditation section. Advantages: yoga routine allows a practitioner to tune on a special mode by the end of yoga routine which makes the following meditation deeper and more efficient. Private/small group/drop-in sessions are also available. Duration: 90-120 minutes.  Starting price: 50$/45$/25$ accordingly.

~ AUM Healing — very powerful group meditation which is quite easy to practice. The biji-mantra AUM which is considered to be a sound of the Universe, nourishes and harmonizes all elements of ones-self: physical, mental and spiritual, spreading the healing vibration through participants to the outer world, making it a better place. The meditation needs at least 4 participants. The more energy — the better. Duration: 90 minutes. Starting price: 25$ per person.

~ Personal Horoscope. Natal chart (or birth chart) is an astrological map or instruction guide to your personality and unique individual reality each of us lives in. It gives the ability to clearly perceive and embrace yourself the way you are and obtain clarity in everyday life. If your personality is a musical instrument — then astrological chart is an instruction guide about it. It gives you a chance to use your instrument efficiently. Getting to know more about it gives more potential for personal and spiritual growth. Year charts are also available. A year chart tells more about the upcoming year or current personal year, lighting up the accents and features of the year. Planning and possible correction of year programs are also available. Horoscopes of your beloved ones, or people you are professionally involved with, compatibility horoscopes, finding suitable dates for important events and much more upon request. Please, feel free to ask questions. Duration: 60-120 minutes. Starting price: 40$

~ Coaching Transformation Game Leela.   Leela is a game of life, an alternative form of reality. It helps player find the answers to the most difficult and complicated life questions, program the most efficient and successful strategy, find a path out a vicious circle of thoughts and circumstances. It gives player a chance to glance inside oneself and contact the deep inner wisdom, obtaining needed clarity and empowerment. So, whether you are indecisive about something, or lost and confused — Leela would gladly guide you through. A game can be played individually or in the group. Duration: 2-4 hours [or more]. Starting price: first hour 40$, 25$ every next hour (for individual session)/60$ (per game, per person — group game).

~ Coaching sessions.  Life coaching session is a great way to obtain a better understanding and clarity on the intellectual level of oneself. Finding inner resources, structuring and transforming old and enviable mental patterns opens a whole new dimension of future opportunities. Whether you feel confused, lost, stuck or emotionally down and feel that you are ready to take a change — just give it a try. Duration: 30-60 minutes. Starting price: 25$/up to 30 mins, 40$/hour

~ Card reading.  I do not use magic in my practice and I work with metaphoric cards. The difference is that metaphoric cards do not influence the outer reality and give the overview about situation, assisting with making the best choice in here-and-now moment. If you want to make sure you are doing the right thing, or have hesitations, doubts you would like to dispel and do not want to spend energy on solution search, it might be something you should consider trying. Duration: 30 minutes. Starting price: 25$