Intellectual part of the GY covers any intellectual activity that brings a practitioner to a clear perception of personal subjective Reality as well as of his/her individual potential.

This part includes reading, satsanghs (discussions), life-coaching, personal mentoring and astrological sessions, card readings and playing psychological [transforming] games.

When it comes to reading and discussions — it seems to be quite clear that it is a great source of knowledge and inspitration for many of us.

But when it comes to life-coaching, mentorship, astrological consultings, card-readings or playing psychological games — it gets quite difficult to imagine what to expect in reality, so let’s talk about it a little more to make it a bit clear.

At times we all come to a point where we get somewhat confused or lost about our life, ourself, some situations, decisions or relatonships in our life and we seek extra information to understand ourselves better, understand our needs and desires, take a glance at our beautiful capacities, catch usefeul insights and obtain clarity to make it easy to take the action with a feling of full responsibility towards the desired quality and direction of our life. This is what life-coaching, mentorship, and astrology is for. Depending on your request, I can offer you the best and most efficient way to work with it.

Other than that, astrology is a great tool that allows us to self-reflect, understand our own «settings». Only when you know the default settings, you can actually start customizing them accoring to your best needs and standards. Astrology can help you do that, as well it is very helpful when you make plans, or  you want to choose best time for important desisions, or maybe you want to understand yourself and your beloved ones, or those who are around you. It helps with an understanding of what is more important at a very specific time of our life, so that we can use the given opportunities instead of missing them, fighting for something less promising.

Metaphoric cards I work with are great when it comes to working with our hidden or yet unrevealed knowledge. They are great guides to the iiner kowledge, our wise self. All it takes — is a professional, who would be able to translate your metaphors into clear message and I am very experienced in this. These cards have nothing to do with magic, they are widely used in psychology these days.