Every human being is a symbiosis of few elements. Different traditions vary, and I personally define those elements as: physical body, our mental body (or personality) and soul or spirit. These elements are deeply connected with each other and are co-dependent. This way, when we influence one of the elements, we automatically influence others. Just think about it: sometimes when our body is aching and we don’t feel good on a physical level, our mood is usually going down and we feel sad ect. Or at times when we have positive emotions, our body also responds with  a feeling of high physical capacity and activity, the heart is jumping out and it is hard to even sit still — you might want to dance or jump. Numerous other similar examples can be found, but the most important part is that there are instruments (practices) we can use to work with each of the elements of our own-self to make our life brighter and happier as a result of connecting to our inner-self and to the Reality of The Moment.

So, let’s talk more about the actual aspects of the practice and see how we can possibly combine them when it comes to real life.

As I have mentioned before, Gentle Yoga (or Zentle Yoga as I call it as well) consists of:

~physical aspect of the practice, which is considered to be the basic [or the easiest] part, due to the fact that in hatha yoga we work with our body — the most familiar part of our being that we know best about, since we use it on a daily basis and feel the needs of our body quite well. Practice allows us to make our body stronger, healthier and more flexible, as well as allows us to learn how to be mindful, more aware and present through physical activity;

~mental aspect of the practice is divided into two parts: intellectual and spiritual. Generally speaking,  intellectual part of GY appeals to the conscious mind and spiritual part operates with the subconscious and unconscious mind.

Therefore, you have access to a holistic self-improvement system and can start working with one or few elements you feel the most comfortable with.